Benson’s Soft Roof Washing / Algae & Mold Removal

As residents of the Southwest Florida area, we know all too well how the humid climate of the Southeast can allow the rapid accumulation of organisms like algae, mold and mildew to take root on just about every surface on the exteriors of your home or business, particularly on roofs.

There are many benefits to keeping your roof free of the algae, mold and mildew. Some of which are for aesthetic reasons, while others are for more serious reasons that can cost you a lot more money down the road.


Why Benson’s Soft Roof Wash?

Benson’s Quality Cleaning Services employs the latest SOFT ROOF WASH process to safely eliminate algae, mold, mildew and dirt from your roof.

It is absolutely vital to understand the importance of SOFT roof wash methods vs. high-pressure roof washing. Soft roof washing methods requires specialized knowledge of chemistry and hands on experience to insure that you are receiving the best results possible, and of course in the SAFEST manner possible.

The Soft Roof Wash method consists of applying a cleaning solution, letting the solution do its job & then rinsing away the unwanted material while using only LOW PRESSURE to insure the safety of your roof, siding, windows, screens, etc… The low pressure is similar to that of a garden hose

Soft Wash LOW Pressure Cleaning Methods combined with the highest quality cleaning solutions, enable us to provide your property with a maximum level of cleanliness & curb appeal.

The problem with high-pressure wash methods:

Unfortunately, many of the so-called professionals and non-professionals that offer pressure washing and roof cleaning services in the Southwest Florida area don’t truly know how to safely, and effectively clean exteriors and will often leave your property with damage that can cause big problems, and a lot of money to fix them. These problems are usually the result of inexperienced companies using dangerous, high pressure cleaning techniques. Some of these issues include:

  • Water damage, due to forcing high pressure water into walls, under shingles, and through doors and windows.
  • Blown seals on dual pane windows. Leaving them foggy and in need of replacement.
  • Damaged roofs by stripping the granules off and ripping shingles by using a pressure washer instead of having us clean it using our non pressure roof cleaning system.
  • Torn window screens, and permanently gouged wood, vinyl, and stucco siding.
  • And lastly, the unseen damage, in the form of a sick feeling in your stomach knowing that you hired the wrong company to pressure wash your most valuable investment.

Benefits of Soft Roof Washing:

  • The most obvious benefit is that you will be left with a newer-looking, more aesthetically pleasing roof without all that unsightly algae growing all over it.
  • A clean roof can also actually increase the energy efficiency of your home by allowing the roof to reflect and displace heat like it’s intended to do, as opposed to a dirty roof which will actually absorb more heat.
  • Maximize curb appeal to your home with safe, effective soft roof wash methods, that is not possible with damaging pressure wash techniques
  • Lastly, removing all that algae and mold will make your home a safer environment for your family and pets. Lets face it, you wouldn’t live with all that algae and mold growing in your house, so why would you want to live with it growing on your house.

Give Benson’s Quality Cleaning Service a call today and let us show you how clean your roof should be. Phone us at (941) 697-1749 or (941) 587-5007. Or visit our Contact & Quotes page for further contact & quote information.

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